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Our Bakers are back! Our gourmet doughnuts are a perfect gift, welcome back to work or just to treat yourself and the family. We also offer freshly baked Artisan bread, croissants, fruit loaves and sweets!

½ doz Almond Croissants$28.00
½ doz Plain Croissants$15.00
750g Maple & Cinnamon Granola (gf) (df)$15.00
Afghan Cookies Bagged$12.00
Anzac Cookies Bagged$12.00
Fresh Baked Ciabatta (df)$5.00
Fresh Baked Sourdough Loaf (df)$7.00
Loaf - Old Fashioned Lemon$23.00
Loaf - Banana & Almond (gf) (df)$25.00
Loaf - Carrot (df)$18.50
Loaf - Pear & Ginger$23.00
PUBLIC Doughnuts 1 Dozen Assorted$50.00
PUBLIC Doughnuts ½ Dozen Assorted$28.00